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It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a house to live in, looking for a holiday home, or want to invest in buy to let, it’s important to be well informed. But what does that actually mean? Well in terms of Allukhousesforsale, it means you’ll have access to a property blog that covers practical, financial, and environmental issues affecting house buyers and owners. This property

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How Will London’s Land Development Boom Impact Dulwich Property Owners?

Robust development is creating incredible demand for vacant space. Will the new land rush be a blessing or a burden for property owners in the idyllic haven of Dulwich?

If buyers thought London home prices were rising briskly, they may be even more startled by how much land prices are shooting up. According to Bloomberg News, demand for space from developers in the UK capital pushed

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London homes sell three times faster than properties in the North East – just one reason to target London in your property search!

London house prices are on average four times higher than the North East and the city’s properties are selling three times faster!

Hardly surprising then that many families are eager to make the move south in search of a more varied and vibrant lifestyle.

Moving to a renovated property

If you move to a renovated property on the outskirts of London, this could be one of the best

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Considering a life in Suffolk?

While Suffolk may seem nothing more than a sleepy county somewhere off the A14 dual carriageway to some, it boasts many of the best traditional benefits of rural life including sunshine, stress-free living and affordable housing.

Etched with a rich historical background, a wealth of areas of outstanding natural beauty, and ready access to all the amenities of city, Suffolk is a great location in which

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Take a step closer to becoming a homeowner

Owning your own home is something that everyone hopes they will be lucky enough to do someday. It is one of the understood expectations of life that every living experience you have builds towards the day when you can finally have somewhere you can call your own.

While sharing a flat or a house with others when looking for a start in life can be a

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Town Profile: Let’s move to Essex

Where and what is Essex?

In north-east London, Essex boarders multiple counties from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent to the south and London to the southwest. It is ranked 7th in the most populated places in England with 1,729,200. The name Essex comes from the word ‘Eastseaxe’ (East Saxons) and has Old English heritage going back to the Anglo Saxon

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Latest data shows tenants still getting a raw deal

In an analysis of official housing data published earlier this week the trouble faced by tenants is highlighted again. The information from the office for National statistics which covers the years 2010 to 2012 tries to look at the standard sums paid for housing in the form of either rent or mortgage. It shows that the average mortgage costs during that period rose by 6

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The benefits of low interest mortgages

Many homeowners prefer to take advantage of low interest rates to repay their mortgages. This is because with low interest rates they can now put the extra money in other investments with the hope that the returns from these investments will be big enough for them to pay the mortgages easily and cheaply. In some cases, there might be long term deals available at less

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How to develop your property without landing in legal hot water

Ask any property developer how to make money in the competitive and sometimes turbulent property market and there’s a good chance that they’ll tell you to add value to your current home.

The easiest way to do this is to increase your living space either by adding an extension or converting an unused part of your property. In order to do this without coming up against

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Defaulting on payday loans can affect your chances of getting a mortgage

Many consumers are taking payday loans in order to be able to get some extra cash to make ends meet. However, many of these consumers are not aware of its potential consequences; and that it could actually have an effect if you applied for a mortgage.

Very few consumers are aware that taking a payday loan could affect your mortgage application. Taking these loans could have

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RBS pays $150m settlement over improper bond checks

The Royal Bank of Scotland has had to pay $150m to the Securities and Exchange Commission in a settlement over some allegations that it did not undertake proper checks while selling $2.2billion bond that was backed by residential mortgages. Royal Bank of Scotland agreed to a $150m settlement with the United States regulators over claims that it did not follow the right procedures when selling

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