A bathroom refurbishment

The bathroom is usually the first room people take on when they remodel a home. As a smaller room it is an easier space to tackle first, other rooms such as the living room or the kitchen are often too financially demanding for a starter project. If you are starting out on a bathroom remodel here are a few ideas to helped you get started:

What is becoming more popular are walk in showers. They are a more comfortable and easier to use shower and have many options that can be customised. This might include having shampoo and soap dispensers, a modified shower door, a seat, hand holds or a foot rest. Some of these features, particularly hand holds can make walk in showers particularly suited to the disabled or elderly.

A luxurious item to choose would be a whirlpool bath. These are also customisable with jets, neck rests, lights and heaters. This is a fitting often installed in master bedrooms but can make a nice addition to other bathrooms in the house.

Another approach to take would be a bathtub liner. This can be placed over an existing bathtub without causing any damage when it is removed later. A liner can be quickly installed and give your bathroom a different look in a few hours. If your existing bathtub is flimsy or a single piece of fibreglass then you would be best off replacing it.

Adding a vanity to a bathroom can be a nice extra. Vanities also have many customisable options, such as mirrors, drawers, counter tops, facets, lighting, cabinet hardware, storage racks, rollout storage options, a place for a chair and more. Even the simple countertop can have a large list of potential upgrades; quarts and granite are popular options.

The walk in bathtub is another easily accessible product. As with when the modifications to the walk in shower are made, the walk in bath is particularly well suited to the disabled or elderly. This type of bathtub has a door that allows you to enter and sit down without climbing over the side of the tub. The seats in the bath are more comfortable than a traditional tub, allowing you to sit in a more upright position.