Abbey for Intermediaries offers new mortgage rate offers

Those looking to secure a new residential mortgage and landlords looking for new mortgage packages may want to take a look at what Abbey for Intermediaries has to offer as they are dropping rates on products such as fixed mortgages shockingly low.

In fact, their new rates look like something that you might have seen on the market last year before the European debt crisis and other events that helped to spike a climb in mortgage rates. While they are shocking, they are for a limited time so interested parties may want to take a look before they jump back up again.

The fixed mortgage rate is set at 2.79% for a two year term which is one of the best mortgage rates on the market right now. A standard two year fix right now will usually come attached with an interest rate of at least 3% if not 3.5%.

Of course, in order to receive the deal buyers have to have the appropriate credit history and deal with a 60% LTV making it a suitable value best fit for those remortgaging. Home owners must also have a key account with Abbey for Intermediaries and pay an attached fee of £995.

In addition, landlords may want to take a look at new buy to let mortgage rates from Abbey for Intermediaries as they will find some pretty attractive cuts as well. One such product is a two year fixed buy to let product that comes with a 75% LTV anf has been dropped by 1.04% to the new rate of just 4.15%.

Another buy to let product on the market has been dropped to 3.69% for those that can afford a 60% LTV. This product is also a two year fixed product that was recently slashed to help promote market growth.

Miguel Sard, the managing director at Abbey for Intermediaries stated they are pleased to support their borrowers and intermediaries by offering some great rate reductions clear across their available range of products.

He added that they are now able to launch a new number of deals and offer the rate of 2.79% to qualified customers; which are currently the lowest interest rate on the market for this type of deal. Sard went on to explain that as they continue to bring their prices down and offer great rates to customers they expect to see renewed demand from clients and their intermediaries.