Adapting your home to suit your needs as you get older

Do you remember the feeling you had inside when you moved from the security of the home you grew up in to your own place for the first time. There is a similar mix of excitement and fear that everyone experiences. It can be a scary situation taking those initial steps to independence but it is also thrilling as well.

Once you have that independence you soon realize you are in charge of yourself and you are the one that makes the rules. As we get older we may reach an age where living on our own may become dangerous and difficult. The body no longer is as strong as it may have been and one wrong step and fall and you could have a broken hip.

After being our own bosses for many years it may be difficult to admit help is needed. This type of necessity means we may have to live with our children, move to a nursing home or hire a live in nurse. The options are few and none are appealing. In preparation of reaching those older years you need to prepare your house and yourself for your future.

Check out the walk-in bathtubs that are available. The bathroom is generally one of the most dangerous places in the house. If you need to bend down to get into a tub or swing you legs over, you may risk injuring yourself.

These are great tubs since they a convenient door opens but creates a water tight seal after being closed. Many have seats to sit in as well. You may want handles on the walls around the toilet and in other areas in the bathroom where you may need support.

Switching your bedroom to a room on the first floor will help a great deal since you will not have to walk up over the stairs on a daily basis. It is not only a relief to not climb stairs each day but it is also safer since there will be less of a chance of you falling. These are only two things to make your home safer and more manageable as you get older.