Add a real room to your back garden

With the possibility of being used year round the new modern idea for sunrooms and summerhouses encourages outdoor living within a contemporary garden room full of airy extensions. The garden room buildings market has flourished in the past 10 years in the UK in this now £200m a year industry. A difference is that the new rooms can be enjoyed every day different form the old summerhouse idea that could not.

The summerhouse normally becomes a revisited area once the frosts break and the sunshine bathes us once again in heat in spring. The use of the area is not as important as is the space itself and even the smallest most neglected of private gardens are cleaned and tidied to get ready for the warmth of summer.

The thought of trading up or investing in home improvements darkens with the thought of the economic crisis that still dictates are every doing. Therefore it is less expensive to add extra living space that the same size using the traditional home extension. In only one to two weeks gardens rooms and home extensions of timber framing and highly insulated can be constructed helping to alleviate weeks of builder invasion, dust and mud.

Most people want something that is different to contrast to the property and they want it to accommodate a specific need like a shower room, spa or even a granny flat. It is great value for money and a very good solution if you need more space.

There are a myriad of options and extras that are available and the most difficult of requirements can be fulfilled. These new extensions and additions are a vast difference from the summer only summerhouse giving the homeowner use of a bright and healthy area for the entire year.