Advice on house insurance

Purchasing insurance for your house is reasonably straightforward and simple so long as you keep in mind that one size does not fit all. Insurance companies refer to their insurance policies as products, they do this for good reason as one product is not the same as another, in the same way that a Rolls-Royce and a Mini are both cars, but they are not the same

Home insurance is available in varying forms to suit different needs and requirements as well as budgets. The Internet is possible in the best way to find out about different forms of insurance and to locate good comparative quotes that will offer you the best deal on the same types of insurance.

One type of insurance that is available is called ‘contents only’ and as the name suggests it only covers the contents of your home, this will include items such as furniture, clothing, ornaments and so forth. In no way would it cover any part of the physical structure of a house, therefore if you were unfortunate enough to have a fire then your belongings would be covered for the building itself would not be.

The ‘ buildings only’ home insurance is basically the same, but reversed, in this case if, for example, you have a fire at your house the structure would be insured, meaning that any damage to the building would be repaired, but you’ll contents such as clothing and furniture would not be covered at all

The third main type of home insurance available is known as a ‘comprehensive’ insurance product. As the name suggests it is a comprehensive cover that guards your house against almost any eventuality. This means that if a fire occurred, under this type of policy your home would be totally covered.

Both the physical structure of the building and anything inside it would be insured against damage or destruction. If you were unfortunate enough to lose both the house and all your belongings the insurance company would fully cover the repair of the house and the replacement of all of your personal items.

A comprehensive policy also has other advantages, it tends to offer a much more rounded and complete set of offerings. This usually means that ‘other items’ are covered under the terms of the insurance. This would include things like garden fences and sheds, so that if a strong wind destroys your shed it would also be covered under the terms of the policy.

There are many other items that may or may not be included in a comprehensive household policy, this could possibly include a short stay in a hotel, or a longer accommodation option such as renting another house.

Whichever policy you select it as an essential that you consider what your real needs are, and realistically the better coverage you can afford the far easier you will be able to sleep at night.