Barrett Homes aiming to get first time buyers on the Torquay property ladder

Barrett Homes have been working to get people on the property ladder in Torquay by giving them incentives and organising events to show them how it is possible for them to buy their first home. Getting on the property ladder is something that first-time buyers are finding very difficult because of the cost of houses and also the financial recession.

The company have arranged different gimmicks in order to encourage people to save up the money they need to put a deposit down on a property and gain a mortgage. One such thing as a money box which has a number on top saying the amount of money they need to raise in order to afford a deposit. The idea behind these various schemes is that they are going to make people realise that it is easier to save up the money for a deposit then they might think.

The sales director of the company is Caroline Hill and she has stated that in some cases buyers will just need to raise just £5000 in order to be able to buy a property. This is often a much lower figure than people might think is necessary and it really makes saving up the money for a property much more achievable.

The company have also been providing experts in order to tell people how they can take advantage of government schemes which are enabling people to get on the housing market, such as FirstBuy and NewBuy.