Changing doors can change a house

Your entire home can look fresh and new by just the changing of the doors. If you get the proper tools together and you do it the correct way, it should not be a difficult task if you follow all the steps recommended. The job should be one that can be done both quickly and efficiently.

Proper measurements are the key therefore they are the most essential. You need to measure the width and height of the door’s frame. Then from that you subtract 4mm off the width and height allowing for the clearance. This final measurement is the finished door.

One important thing is to purchase a door just a little bigger than needed so you can trim it to fit perfectly into the frame. The same amount should be planed off each side of the door in order to make it symmetrical. Once the door is fitted you should sand each edge with fine sand paper.

You also will have to buy hinges for the door. But before doing so you need to decide if you want a right handed or left handed door. By using wedges, fit and test the door into the door frame and now is the last time you should make alterations. Then mark the place where the hinges will be placed.

Two hinges are usually enough for doors that are inside while an outside door may be better with three hinges because of its weight. Once the hinges are marked you can then drill the holes to attach the hinges. The hinges need to be flat and flush to the door.

With wedges supporting the door, you can prop it into an open position and mark the hinges location on the door. At this point you can chisel a recess into the door frame. You can attach the hinges to the frame by using just one screw per hinge. Now you can check to see if the door is ready to open. Then finish with the other screws and you are ready.