Choosing the right estate agent and negotiating their fees

When selling your house choosing the right estate agent and negotiating their fees is one of the most essential parts of making the deal successful. The best thing to do is ask three to four agents and get their variations in guide price. Those that are working as independents or who own an independent firm are of much better quality than one that is employed for a large chain, but it is still important to check as many as possible.

According to the National Association of Estate Agents the national average you should pay for an agent to help sell your house if 1.5% even though in London the prices are higher but that in itself is a mystery to many. Guide prices have a lot of variation due to the number of rival agents that compete for business even though most will swear they do not negotiate fees, but all of them will if they have to.

The best thing to remember is the agents are looking for exclusivity and usually for a minimum of six months but no one says that it could not be just six weeks and always remember the shorter the better. A good way to lock in an agent and give them an incentive is to agree to a 1.5% guide price and if anything is reached above that then the agent receives 2%.

Always make sure you use independent legal services otherwise you pay much more and you will soon learn that estate agents will be getting a kick back for referring the legal fees from whomever they recommend  so the best thing to do is not accept any of their recommendations and find competent legal services on your own. Do not forget, the agents are only salesman, have them sell your house and not worry about all the other details.