Chorley home improvement scheme

A £400,000 home improvement scheme has been initiated in Chorley around the Chorley Moor area.

The home building company Forrest has been commissioned by Chorley Community Housing (CCH) to start work in Harestone Avenue and once they have finished the first house it will be opened up to give residents an idea of what their house will look like once it is completed.

The areas being redeveloped will include but will not be limited to communal car parks, landscape work for communal areas, front facing gardens, new refuse areas and front door awnings.

One of the regional managers, Mike Murphy, said although work had been carried out internally in the houses on the estate there hadn’t been any work on the exterior of the estate and its age was now very visible. He added that the work being carried out was to give the area a visual boost and make the homes look nicer.

The local community has been included in the drawing up of the plans for the redevelopment of the estate from the initial get go and a large number attended an event to consult late in 2012. The operations director for CCH explained that the scheme was an example of how much money CCH was willing to spend improving the communities’ housing.

He added that multiple projects had been completed around Chorley and that the impact on the community was brilliant.