Christopher Wren house up for sale

You could be the owner of The Old Court House, a home designed, and inhabited by the famous British Architect, Sir Christopher Wren, which he designed in the 18th century, for a sum of £4.25 million. The architect, who designed St Paul’s Cathedral, The Royal Naval College and The South Part of Hampton Court Palace, designed this beautiful home, which was awarded the English Heritage Blue Plaque.

In 1708 Queen Anne gave Sir Christopher a 50 year lease at the Old Court House, as part of the salary owed to him, for building St Paul’s Cathedral. He was a Royal Surveyor for a period of 49 years. He decided to do a complete renovation of the home in 1706, giving it a garden that went all the way down to the River Thames.

Today, the home boasts of a study room, which still has the original marble fireplace that wren built for King William III at Hampton Court Palace. According to Patrick Glynn-Jones, The Savills Richmond owner of the home, the house is one filled with a rich history, with the drawing room on the first floor being the showcase of the home. He goes on to state that such rare homes evoke emotional responses caused by the reality of their rich history.

Three or four receptions, a great kitchen and breakfast room, several cellars, a river mooring, a garage that can hold two cars, six bedrooms and three bathrooms are some of the exquisite features of this home which has been owned by generals, earls and admirals through history.