Should you consider the garden when buying a home?

On the one hand, a garden could be an essential part of a family home. If you have children a safe space in which they can run around and exercise is necessary to keeping them happy and healthy. If you have a few children, a garden is also useful for reducing stress while they’re young. Children are normally full of energy during the day and don’t cope very well without having some kind of stimulation. Children that are cooped up all day tend to throw tantrums out of boredom or release their energy in negative ways, such as damaging the furniture or putting themselves in danger by running around the house. A garden is a place for them to explore release their energy, which will end up making your life a lot easier when it comes to managing them and making sure they keep out of harm’s way.

When you’re buying a home for your children the first thing you should look for in a garden is that it is, first and foremost, safe. It should have a secure border, like a fence, and any side paths where they might access the road should be blocked by a locked door. In terms of the other features of the garden, it mostly depends on the age of your children. If you have older children you should look for a good size. They need enough space to do activities and relax and a garden that feels claustrophobic won’t be used as frequently or at all. If you have young children then you should look for a garden that has an environment. At an age when they’re still learning and developing, it would be a great benefit to them to have a place where they can explore wildlife and plant life safely. Grass is always a must for very young children because tumbles and trips are common and falling on the grass is far less dangerous than falling on concrete. The garden shouldn’t have any thorny or dangerous plants in it and any trees that are in the garden or hang over the garden should be free from diseases. You should also keep an eye out for trees that produce hazardous fruits. Trees like the Sweetgum tree produce hard, spiky fruit that can get hidden in the grass and hurt your children if they step or fall on them.

On the other hand, if you don’t have children, a garden doesn’t have to be an essential when you’re buying a home. Depending on the sort of person you are and what sort of lifestyle you lead, you might not need a garden at all. Gardens can be useful for summer days, and maintaining it or planting vegetables can be a great hobby. However, a simple balcony could meet these needs as well. There are certain vegetables that can be grown in pots and putting a few comfortable chairs on the balcony can give you a place to relax and get some fresh air. If you can’t afford a balcony then there’s no problem with skipping a garden completely. Something as simple as keeping some plants indoors can improve your mood, mental health and the atmosphere of your home drastically. Artificial plants and flowers are an option if you want a lasting option that matches the décor of your home and requires minimal care. If you’re willing to water a couple of pots every now and then, there are also indoor plants that require very little care to stay healthy, such as Pothos, Aloe and English Ivy. They will improve the air quality in your home, brighten the atmosphere and keep your home smelling fresh all year round. There are also lots of plants that you can harvest so you can grow even more.