Constructing a wall fountain

Constructing a wall fountain may at first look like a daunting task, but it is not as difficult as you may think. Nevertheless it is not something that is cheap thing to do, since the types of materials needed are expensive. First of all you will need a wall to attach the fountain to, pipe or tubing, pump and a base to hold the water. You must hide the pipe and pump and any tubing in a way no one will see it. This can be done in the masonry blocks or within a figurine.

Also there needs to be an outlet for electricity close by in order for the pump to work. If the switch is located inside then it would be ideal as you can turn it off and on without having to go outdoors.

That same switch is what controls the water flow. The wall fountain usually had a three way or gate valve allowing the water to be adjusted. If you want more water to come out then a float valve must be attached to soak up the water in the pool of the fountain.

When you build your own fountain you need to be real careful with the holding pool. Since concrete block or just concrete are usually used you need to cover them plaster or some sort of stone, tile or another covering to your liking, to as least above the water line.

If along the way you decide that a wall water fountain is just to challenging for what your knowledge is, then there are a number of professionals that will help with each aspect of the job.

You can contact plumber to make all the connections for the piping and tubing. You may need an electrician if the pump needs a 220 outlet or if there is too much electricity being used on the pump.

There are also the premade wall water fountains that only need a very minimum amount of effort that goes into setting up a kit for a water fountain. There are a number of places that carry pre made lawn fountains. Just follow directions when installing and hopefully all will go as planned.

The unit can be quite small or extremely large and they usually come with detailed instructions how to set the fountain up. Choosing between having one built or using a pre made one boils down to time and money.