Councils urged to sell off high price houses and replace them with cheaper homes

The Government has issued a recommendation that councils consider selling off the most expensive houses within the limits so that they can build cheaper homes in their place. Think tank Policy Exchange issued a report that was backed by the Government that suggests that selling high value homes once they are vacant can help to raise as much as £4.5b per year. According to the report, this amount would be enough to build an additional 80,000 to 170,000 new social homes depending on the price range of each new home built. Labour has stated that new homes are desperately needed in many areas, but the idea of driving out families that are working hard in neighborhoods where low wages abound is not the solution. The Policy Exchange however argues that the move could potentially help to kick start one of the largest social housing programmes in existence since the seventies. Think Tank director Neil O’Brien, said that social housing could still be placed into more expensive areas if nothing is done about the situation, but the result would be that the amount of social homes would be lessened because of the higher costs of building the developments.

Shadow housing minister Jack Dromey stated that he does not believe that anyone really has a right to live in the most expensive areas of a home adding that people have a right to housing; they just should not be able to choose where it is located. He also added that they could reduce the amount of people waiting for housing by about 500,000 if the suggested scheme was put into action.