Curb appeal is essential for a house sale

The sale of a house can be made or broken with curb appeal or the lack thereof. A lasting impression of a home is made many times based on someone’s first impression. But when the house is sold many sellers do not think about the importance of the landscape of the home. The truth is that a well done landscape and a beautiful garden can add between 10 and 15% to the home’s value.

Your garden is the first and most important part of your landscaping list since grass takes a great deal of time to chance its appearance and improve. Lush and thick green grass will help in attracting buyers, but if your garden is full of weeds and browner than it is green it could hurt the value of the home.

A potential buyer may even conclude that since the garden is not well kept then the entire house could be in the same state. Make sure the cutting and watering is done on a consistent basis and if you feel you cannot do for your yard what needs to be done, hire professionals.

Laying mulch in your garden is an inexpensive and great way to make the garden look tidy and clean. Cedar mulch has a great smell and really helps to accentuate the rest of the greenery. Mulch is also easy to apply and adds to the garden’s beauty before a home showing.

Trimming your garden is an easy way to tidy it up and make it look great. Pruning the overgrown shrubs and trees close to the house will make the garden appear cleaner and better kept, this also helps to enhance the appearance of the home’s architecture.

One easy and quick way to give your home a whole new appearance without going to the extent of painting is by giving it a power wash on the outside. With just a bit of elbow grease you can make the dirtiest of homes look like they were just built. You can also power wash the deck, drive and sidewalk and for that matter, any hard surface that needs help looking new.

Lights go a long way in adding to the look of the home. Prospective buyers may ride by your home at night to see how it looks and you need to make sure it is lit up beautifully. Soft lighting that shines upward from the ground through shrubs or tress makes for an inviting space.