DIY Repairs that will save you money

When you own a house it is no secret that you have to put money into the building from time to time. Between renovations, appliance repairs/replacements, plumbing issues, electrical issues, and more, every home demands that you spend money on it.

Unfortunately, the last thing that anyone wants to do right now is any home repairs, because most people’s budgets are already tight. The good news is that there are some easy DIY repairs that will help save you money in the long run. Therefore, if you have to put some money into your house you should consider some of the following DIY repairs that are going to lighten your monthly bills and help you see a return on your upfront investment.

Insulate your loft

The same way that heat escapes through your head if you do not keep it covered, the vast majority of heat in a home escapes through the loft. Therefore, you want to make sure that you insulate your loft so that you can stop heat from seeping out. You can save on average about £100 per month on your heating bill by simply installing some insulation. Even better, there are some government grants out there that will help cover the costs of the insulation making it a low cost DIY repair.

Buy a new boiler

If your boiler is more than 15 years old then you may want to think replacing it. This is because it is likely that it is no longer energy efficient and is using an extremely large amount of fuel. This is going to be a large upfront cost, but when you buy a new boiler you will be able to save energy and that means that in time you will save a lot of money. Every year you can expect to save as much as £250 making the costs well worth it. Plus, you will be able to follow some great water saving tips at the same time helping you to save more monthly also.

Upgrade your fridge

Along the same lines, you may also want to think about replacing your fridge, shower, or any other major appliance in the house. Just replacing a ten year old fridge will with a modern eco-friendly appliance can save you £45 a year eventually allowing your investment to pay off. Plus, there are also some great grants for this as well. By taking advantage of grants you can save energy and save money at the same time.

Insulate windows/replace curtains

Finally, you will likely get an itch to redecorate the home at some point in order to spice it up. By replacing the curtains you can easily change the mood of a room. By making sure that the curtains you buy are solar insulated you will also save energy. Solar insulated curtains or eco-friendly curtains help to trap the heat in so that it cannot sneak out of the window. This will obviously help reduce heating costs so that your home gets a tiny make-over and you get a tiny break on your monthly heating bills.