Double glazed windows for effect and money saving

If you are looking to replace your windows in your house one of the biggest reasons is probably because you want to increase the cooling and heating efficiency of the house. One of the most cost effective and simplest ways to do this is by getting double glazed windows. One of the best ways to save money is the double glaze because it will help lower your heating bills in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer.

The idea behind double glazing is simple. There are two panes of glass with several millimeters of space between the two. The air that is trapped between the panes forms a layer of insulation that helps to keep out cold in the winter and heat in the summer. It also effectively keeps the warm inside in the winter and the air conditioned in the summer.

In order for them to be effective they must be air tight. A drying agent is used when they are manufactured to ensure there is no moisture between the panes. If you see condensation on the inside of the double glazed windows it means the seal is no longer air tight and has been broken. The broken seal makes it impossible for the windows to stop the transfer of air into or outside of the home.

Single panes are notoriously inefficient and when it is time to insulate your home. The estimate is that over 60% of the average heat transfer happens because of single pane windows. The double glazing significantly changes that and lowers the heat transfer and can save on average over 12% of your annual energy costs. This means you will recuperate your investment in your windows very quickly.

Double glazing is also very environmentally friendly. Twenty-eight percent of all carbon dioxide emissions are due to home heating and cooling. With double glazed windows you are effectively reducing that amount and limiting your home’s impact. Combine that with significant savings in energy costs and this makes replacing the old single pane windows an excellent decision.