Estate agent boss tells house sellers to get their gardens in order

Sales director for Paramount Properties, the North London estate agency, Robert Lazarus has said that buyers tend to pay more attention to a house than they do to the garden. Despite this fact, he said that plants that look strange can send out warning signals to buyers because if they do not know the plant this should be an indication that it could be a problem.

This is due to the fact that plants like Japanese knotweed are known for being aggressive and destructive with the ability to completely destroy the entire foundation of a building. Many buyers are not properly looking the grounds anymore because the sellers are finding it cheaper to use online estate agents.

While this may seem more convenient to the buyer and the seller, it is actually not a great option for the buyer because it does not allow them the proper chance to look around a property and see everything in complete. It is also hard to see how much a quick fix up job will cost you when you are looking at the problem online because a picture never tells the full story. For this reason you should always try to get a close look at a home before considering a purchase.

LSL Property Services director David Newnes also offered sellers a piece of advice stating that clutter is one major killer when it comes to finding a buyer. Outside of distracting buyers, oftentimes a lot of stuff lying around can offer potential buyers the impression that there is not enough storage in the house which may make it hard to sell the home.