Facts about Conservatory Tax and 2012 Home Improvement

DIY conservatories have gradually developed into one of the most cost-effective ways of adding value to a house.  That value was in the sights of the taxman this month until the Tory government scrapped plans to attach a duty to our beloved glass extensions.

Britons are becoming more partial to the DIY conservatory because it is easier to build than a full blown brick extension – the garden maintains its lush appearance and avoids becoming a temporary construction site. But perhaps the main reason British homeowners are investing into conservatories is because of how lucrative they can turn out to be in the long run.

Conservatories can potentially add over £9,000 to property-worth.  A standard ‘Lean-to’ model can be built for approximately £1,000.  That type of ROI puts conservatories amongst the most cost-effective home improvement projects to take up in 2012 (loft conversions are reportedly depreciating in value).   However, the proposed ‘conservatory tax’ might have just shattered that value, if the Tories accepted the plans.

Thankfully, the Conservative party have put the blocks on the idea and Peterborough MP, Stewart Jackson, was recently quoted with the following by the Daily Mail:

‘We should be supporting aspirational families who want to better themselves and improve their homes, not clobbering them. It is a crackpot scheme and I hope it is strangled at birth.’

The original plans would have forced householders to employ strict measures with every build – to meet regulatory ‘energy-efficiency standards’, after seeking permission from the council to go ahead with their project.

Now the plans have been nipped in the bud, homeowners who want to improve rather than move, or in order to prompt a move, can do so freely.  With conservatories pretty much in pole position when it comes to DIY project value, even more Britons are expected to add a glass sanctuary to their property this year.

So, building a conservatory during summer can still be one of the most rewarding DIY ventures to get stuck into – both emotionally and financially.  Improving our lifestyles by adding extra space to the home is something we can all do ourselves now, especially as modern DIY conservatory packages can be ordered online and delivered to the doorstep.  If that lifestyle improvement just happens to contribute to a healthy selling price further down the line, then the housing market could benefit too – something which the government will not be complaining about.