Famous house in Essex sells for £180,000

The owners of the house on 39 Amersham Road, Harold Hill, located close to Romford, Essex, bought it for approximately £8,000 in 1980. The Patterson family had the honor of having the house presented to them by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and had a picture taken together as a keepsake of this momentous occasion.

This house was home to 6 other families, and its value has appreciated over the years, and was recently sold to a Lithuanian for about £180,000. The visit, by the prime minister, to congratulate the first owners, James and Maureen Patterson, made this 3-bedroomed house very famous in 1980.

The Patterson’s had moved into the house in 1962, but they were only renting it. However, in 1980, when the government introduced the Right-To-Buy Scheme, the Patterson’s could finally own the home, together with their children Leisa, Martin and Vernon. The Patterson’s qualified for a 40% discount after having lived in the house for 18-years, and having begun with a deposit of £5; they were finally able to own it for £8,315 in 1980.

The financial pressure of meeting the mortgage payments, which increased due to a sudden increase in interest rates, caused a rift in the Patterson’s marriage. Mrs. Patterson, who worked at a retirement home, could not keep up with bills, and had to sell the home. In 2002, she said that had she known the house would cause the end of her marriage, she would not have agreed to buy it.

Her husband left her, and she could not keep up with the payments of £250 a month forcing her to sell. The house went for £57,000, and after repaying the mortgage, she could only afford a mobile home. She still believes in the Right-To-Buy program, and has fond memories of the day Thatcher visited them.

Although she lives in sheltered housing in Chelmsford, Mrs. Patterson, who sold the house to Matt and Mandy Brady, remembers Margaret Thatcher as a perfect house guest, and she was as proud of her home, as Thatcher was proud of Downing Street. Matt and Mandy Brady later sold the house for £101,000 making more than £40,000 in the deal.