First time buyers in the Midlands should check out the new Eden Fields development

As the affordability of first home ownership continues to rise, buyers are being asked to consider a development in Sedgley, which ticks all the boxes in terms of price and location. The demographics of buyers is changing, with nearly 25% expected to be first time owners, and an increasing number are becoming concerned that suitable properties won’t be available.

The Eden Fields development on Wolverhampton East Road is backed by local home construction company Morris. Cindy Vials, regional sales director, suggests buyers consider its properties which qualify for the FirstBuy scheme run by the government.

The scheme allows buyers to purchase a property for 80% of the sale price, enabling lower mortgage payments and a reduced deposit requirement. Also, because the Eden Fields homes are new builds, there are no renovation costs and little in the way of maintenance or other repair bills.

Typical buyers who would benefit from the Eden Field development include young families and professionals. These customers are not able to save a large deposit Vials says and would otherwise struggle to meet their bank’s equity requirements.

The location of Eden Fields is a few minutes from the city centre in Wolverhampton and nearby motorway links mean an easy commute to Birmingham. Prices start at under £160,000 for a three bedroom property.

Further information is provided by Morris Homes on their website which also explains the various home ownership schemes available to first time buyers. The sales office also has full information and welcomes a visit from new and prospective customers.