Giving your bathroom a serious change of look

Remodelling your bathroom is a job that ought to be fun, with the ultimately satisfying outcome of a personal showpiece for you to enjoy.  If you do it right you’ll also have the fringe benefits of low maintenance and no need to do it again for many years.  Aside from the plumbing, the most important element in the project is the material you use for the surfaces:  wall, floors, countertops, backsplashes, etc.

Ceramic tile is the material of choice for most people, as it provides both durability and beauty, plus almost unlimited options in colour and design, and a range of prices to suit most any budget.  It pays to take some time and shop around.  Unglazed tile on floors is less slippery, but it’s also harder to keep clean.  If you are only doing walls and counters, glazed tile is ideal both for appearance and easy cleaning.

As in any room, the use of light colours in the bathroom will make it seem larger and airier.  A good suggestion is an off-white or pale pastel with another contrasting colour to brighten the look and make it more interesting.  This can be accomplished in a lot of ways; just one idea is to use a ‘water’ colour in a shade of blue or green for the lower third of the walls and either white or cream for the rest.

The tub or shower enclosure ought to continue the general colour scheme and motif, though of course that’s an individual choice.  Try using the darker tiles in a triangular arrangement to make a sort of peak in one corner of the shower or tub enclosure; the design tends to make the enclosure more inviting.

To add finishing touches, check out the amazing array of incidentals:  towel racks, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and such.  Find the ones that enhance the ‘ambiance’ and blend with the colours you’ve chosen.  Make sure the lighting is bright enough but not glaring, and don’t forget the mirrors.