Green Deal for energy efficiency may give you £10,000

The latest plans have been outlined by the government for the Green Deal in order to try and reassure consumers that a good deal will be received from participating in the Green Deal. Climate change minister Greg Barker outlined the latest measures for the deal which include an advice line and to ensure companies are carrying out the home repairs an independent body to cover quality, standard and assurance.

From next year £10,000 can be accessed to help pay for improvements for energy efficiency to their homes. The government is pledging to help businesses, people who are vulnerable those that are in houses that need much more improvements that can be covered by just the green deal.

Consumer Protection in the Green Deal is a new policy document that helps to set out the plans to protect consumers. The Green Deal Code will protect consumers during each stage of the process from assessment to installation.

The advice will be there to offer any type of advice and referral to assessors that are accredited and deal with complaints. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) will help enforce and outline standards for installers and assessors.

There have been too many cases of workmanship being shoddy and technology being dodgy from these schemes in the past so there will be strict rule that will be enforced from the beginning. Many feel it is essential to tackle the home energy inefficiencies and if the Green Deal will be a success it will need the homeowners having to buy in.

David Symons WSP director said the if the UK wants to cut home emissions to close to zero before 2050 then today’s houses need to be ungraded as many will most likely be living in them when 2050 rolls around. The idea of the pay as you save model in the UK is the first for any country and is an innovative idea that could be a model for other countries in the future.