Home Insurance: What Optional Extras Are There?

Home insurance is a financial product designed to protect our homes and their contents. However, as with all insurance products, there are a number of optional extras which are available. These will typically cause a slight increase in the premiums paid for the cover but will offer an increased level of protection. Understanding these extras is vital in helping individuals make the best decision over their insurance – so what additional extras are available on home insurance? And what do they offer?

There are a large number of optional extras which can be added to home insurance policies in order to enhance the level of cover provided. These cover a range of different features and may have certain requirements or limitations assigned to them. Home Insurance articles can help individuals to find out what these extras offer, helping them to determine whether they need to add them to their policy.

Home Emergency Cover

Home insurance policies will typically provide you with financial protection in the event that damage or losses or sustained to your property and/or its contents. However, what about when there is an emergency at your home, such as the loss of an essential service? These emergencies, such as blocked drains, loss of water or even lost keys and not typically covered by standard home insurance policies. Home emergency cover is therefore an optional extra which can be added to their policies in order to help protect you from these sorts of event.

Bike Cover

Bike cover may seem like a strange optional extra to have for home insurance policies, but it actually makes a lot of logical sense. Contents insurance is a type of home insurance which covers the personal possessions held within a home yet they do not always automatically cover bicycles. As these items can be expensive to replace investing in bike cover can help offer financial assistance in the event that your bike is stolen or damaged.

Legal Assistance Cover

Home insurance cover will typically offer financial protection for your building and its contents but will not offer you any assistance should you be required to pay any legal fees. If you are involved in a dispute or disagreement with your neighbour then you will more than likely be required to pay for legal expenses in order to rectify the situation. Legal assistance cover can therefore help you to fund these costs, making the process less stressful.

Personal Possessions Cover

As stated, contents insurance will cover the personal possessions and items which are held within your home. However, your personal possessions are not kept in your home at all times and, should they be stolen elsewhere, you will not automatically be covered. Personal possessions cover is therefore designed to provide protection for some of your more valuable items, such as mobile phones and laptops, regardless of their geographic location. Places such as Policy Expert will provide information on these optional extras and what it is they cover.