How ethical, renewable energy can help sell your home

There was a time when very little about green living was actually understood by the general public, but those days are gone. Not only is it now the popular thing to do, but trend projections foresee it being a mainstay for decades to come. You can capitalise off of the green revolution when you decide to list your home because you’re selling a product that just happens to be in high demand.

Upfront, anyone on the market for a green home is definitely concerned with its environmentally friendly features, so you will find an eager audience when you talk of a green electricity system such as solar panels. You can also hone in on how your home fits into its natural surroundings. For example, if your home is surrounded by trees, point out that they provide extra coverage from the harsh summer sun and high winds in the winter.  You could also note how these climactic tendencies aid nearby renewable energy companies with solar power and wind power.

You can also boast less maintenance. This key point will help prospective buyers save on both time and money, which doubles the appeal. Updates and installments like efficient and environmentally friendly plumbing or solar panels on the roof can be big draws to a home. Whilst they may justify a slightly higher asking price, which is great for you, they also give home buyers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that not only are those systems relatively new but they will also last longer.

In addition to construction, however, you can make your green home more marketable by filling it with greener appliances, such as a front-loading washer that uses less water, a refrigerator that saves on energy and motion-sensored lights that turn off when people leave the room. These changes seem to pay off big because the chances are high that a buyer in the market for a green home would have purchased these things in the long run, meaning that you have just saved them time and earned extra points for convenience.

To increase your “green appeal,” consider getting an evaluation from an independent rating agency that specialises in green environments. You can make a stronger presentation to potential buyers if they know that your home has the official stamp of approval. If you want to go even further, you could also offer a breakdown of how your home’s green fixings have saved you money on monthly bills.

Ultimately, all of these features will only be profitable for you if you know how to market them. If you’re thinking of selling your green home, consider hiring a real estate agent that specialises in environmentally friendly properties to help you earn a higher asking price.