How to create the perfect stylish bedroom

The bedroom is arguably the most personal room in the house. Your bedroom’s intended purpose is solely for you, so it should be designed with you in mind. It should reflect your tastes and personality, providing a comfortable area where you can sleep and relax.

Yet there is no reason why this should be a difficult procedure. In fact, it is relatively easy to plan a new look for your bedroom, with fitted bedrooms being a very popular and practical option. A fitted bedroom is not only practical and efficient, but it offers an extensive range of designs, styles and colours. This results in an unparalleled amount of choice, ensuring you get an individual room that speaks volumes about you and your personality.

The Bed

As the name ‘bedroom’ suggests, the bed is the chief feature of most bedrooms. A bedrooms’ aesthetic and functional success all relies on the bed. After all, who would appreciate a bedroom if the bed was not up to standard? Likewise, would you truly enjoy the bedroom if the bed was impractical?

For these reasons, the bed should be a major priority. Besides colour and frame material choice, there is the important question of size. A fitted bedroom is often fitted around the bed, so the size of the bed needs to be determined. Are you after a double sized bed, or would you prefer the extra luxury of a king sized mattress?

These options may be limited by the size of the room, but they are still important factors. Once you know the size of the bed, you can then estimate how much space you have for the other fixtures and furnishings. In short, it all comes down to the bed; the key item in the entire room.

The Wardrobe

Second only to the bed, the wardrobes, become a very important part of a bedroom’s design. These fixtures take up large amounts of space and therefore need to look good; a poor choice of wardrobe could make or break the appeal of the room.

The easiest solution here, once again, is to utilise wardrobes that match the room’s surroundings and style. This not only provides style, but fitted wardrobes can also be installed much flusher with the wall, as opposed to the traditional method of free standing furniture. Lining a wall with these fixtures helps create a more professional look to the bedroom, as well as providing the wardrobes, and their respective colours, in one area to contrast or compliment against the wall colour choice.


The third consideration is the use of colour; this is usually done before the fitted bedroom arrives, so you can paint without anything in the way. Whilst any colour is suitable; the bedroom should reflect your tastes after all, a wise design will provide a nice compliment or contrast against the chosen materials used for the bed and wardrobes.

Wallpaper is an option, but patterned walls are generally fashionable. A painted wall in a quality matt finish is enough to add character and compliment the fitted bedroom.

The first and last thing you see every day, there is no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t be afforded some luxury.