How to sell your home quicker

With fewer buyers about, the ones that are in the market can afford to be picky and offer amounts at a significant discount to the asking price. The longer a sale process goes on, the greater the chance it will fall through or the buyer will look to reduce the price, so achieving a quick sale is vital. If you are in a chain, moving abroad, need to free up the money or just want to get a potentially stressful period over with quickly, here is a guide to selling quicker.

Asking price

The best way to get a quick sale is to ask for less money. Buyers love a bargain. Working out where to pitch your asking price requires balance, and it is essential you get a feel for what the market value of your property is and what you can afford to take off it. Have a look online, in estate agents windows and speak to the agent or agents that you use to market your home.


First impressions do count, so make sure your front and back gardens look good, you have had a very thorough clear out and clean, and that outstanding DIY jobs are completed. Most buyers want to put their mark on a new home, but challenging and outdated decoration can put them off entirely. Redecorate in neutral colours, visit sites like to find inspiration for a contemporary wooden or tiled floor. If your kitchen or bathroom is old then consider new suites, but don’t spend too much.


It’s no good lowering the price and doing the work if no one knows about it. Get the word out any way you can. Instruct more than one estate agent, always have their boards up outside your house, let as many friends and family know as possible and consider websites like Twitter, Facebook and even eBay.


Choosing the right buyer also has a huge bearing in how quickly you can hand over the keys. First-time buyers, who come with big mortgages and no experience of buying a property, will generally have to bid higher on a property than an experienced buyer with a smaller mortgage loan. Cash buyers are the absolute dream for anyone after a quick sale because they don’t have to waste time dealing with their lender. But beware, they know how attractive they are, and will expect to buy for less.


Once an offer has been accepted the process of selling a house can quickly get very stressful. Why? Because the conveyancing process – the processes of confirming the buyer and seller are legally entitled to make the transaction and then ensuring it’s done in a watertight fashion. Sellers have the power to improve this by choosing conveyancing services with online case tracking and getting as much of the process done as possible before an offer is accepted. This can shave weeks off the sale.