Isle of Man multiple occupancy plan goes to public consultation

The Isle of Man has applied a sudden policy of suppression on multiple occupancy homes. According to the government, the decisions for processing a scheme for registration of multiple occupancy homes related to the Isle of Man will go for consultation of public. This proposal has been designed to take the rental standard to higher level. It has been thought that the proposal might affect almost 200 properties of island. A time period of three years would be provided to the landlords.

According to a spokesman of an environment branch, multiple occupancy homes were not legal. These changes would be able to offer a prosecution alternative. Buildings which have sharing opportunity for 6 people or more from different households will be considered as multiple occupancy homes.

John Howei told that complaints had been received about a few adjustments from some people renting in large houses in Douglas. That was not about sharing of the house with more than five people but about larger houses which was there in former. As per the new government guidelines, every rented property has to be structurally sound and should be equipped with basic and essential amenities like cooking facilities, toilets washing, sound and thermal insulation and many others.