Living in Bristol and Birmingham

Not so long ago, the city of Bristol was considered to be a city of concrete that served a purpose but aesthetically was very unappealing. Its reputation very much belied its potential but thankfully, in recent years, it has been almost completely rejuvenated and is now one of the most vibrant and energetic cities in England. The city that was decimated by the World War II bombings is now a distant memory, and a new Bristol has been reborn.

Both professionals and investors have been attracted to this new and much improved Bristol and it is now one of the most populated cities with somewhere in the region of 465,000 people calling it home. Built on either side of the River Avon, there is a real eclectic choice of accommodation option and with the houses for sale in Bristol selling for less than the national average; they also give good value for money.

City centre living comprises mainly of converted listed buildings that now house loft conversions, studios and modern apartments. There is a large student presence in Bristol thanks to the university, and the rental market it particularly prevalent to economy as more and more students are seeking accommodation in the city and away from the halls of residence with their many restrictions.

Buy to let purchasers have certainly made a difference to the volume of houses being sold in Bristol, which is turn has seen the value of property start to rise again after the inevitable slump a couple of years ago due to the recession. There are many good reasons for buying a property in Bristol, and it seems that many are buying into this potential.

Another city that is finally shrugging off a far from complimentary reputation is Birmingham, once considered to be the black hole of the black country, and synonymous with concrete prefabs and low employment, England’s second city has had a second coming so to speak and the regeneration of Birmingham has many seeing it through a whole new perspective.

The significant investment that has been made in the city centre in particular has seen the grim, grey landscape transformed into an aesthetically pleasing location that is booming in both the business and tourism sectors. The infamous bullring, now completely redeveloped, the award winning Waters Edge development and others have brought this city bang up to date and it is now the modern and dynamic city as befits the second city.

Houses for sale in Birmingham were at one time some of the cheapest in the country, due to its reputation any many run down areas, but these too have seen a resurgence of interest and prices have risen. They still remain reasonable however, and both families, couples and professionals are choosing to buy instead of renting as they can see the long term benefits of the rebirth of Birmingham.

The university also provides a wealth of ready made tenants for those who have bought to let, and all in all, Birmingham is proving itself to be, finally, a very desirable place to live.