Loft conversions are not as hard as you may think

Since a change in the laws on planning came into effect on October of 2008 in the UK, it is much easier for loft conversions. Before that date for UK loft conversions it was mandatory getting planning permission and minus the approvals required you were not permitted to convert the attic with your conversion plans.

Under the new regulations since that date you can carry out the majority of conversions without needing permission. Dormers can be added by home owners to roofs and roofs can be extended as much as 50 cubic meters. Forty cubic extensions can be done on terraced houses while fifty cubic can be extended on semi detached or completely detached houses.

There still are some restrictions in the permitted development allowance like for example in the case of apartments and flats with loft conversions cannot be done without permissions from planning. Properties in conservation areas are also under certain restrictions.

For those UK homeowners looking to perform an attic conversion the new rules have become less stringent and many home owners have had to look to loft conversions to gain more space because of the increase in family size or the need for a study or office. One other reason many home owners opt to have a loft conversion is because the value of the property will increase by adding the loft conversion.

This will in the long term help the owner recuperate his investment on the extension and conversion and reap an excellent profit over time. If the owner of the home is looking to rent his property then the additional living area that is available due to the conversion of the attic helps to get him a better value for the rental.

One great thing about the conversion of attics in the UK is they tend to be done by very professional companies that will provide excellent service from the planning stage right on through to the implementation of the conversion making it a quite hassle free ordeal to convert your attic space to a loft.