Loft conversions for more living space

It is well known that increasing the amount of space that your property offers will increase its value. With planning permission needed for most things that require an ‘add-on’, loft conversions have become increasingly popular in recent years – after the planning laws were relaxed three years ago, in most cases they will not need planning permission, as they come under ‘permitted development’. However, you could still fall foul of building regulations, if you are not careful.

Loft conversions have a number of advantages over traditional extensions – they are usually cheaper and easier to do, they don’t eat into your garden space as conservatories do and, because lofts are at the top of the house, it means that you will not have workmen getting under your feet for weeks. They can even be an alternative to moving to another house with additional bedrooms and they are a talking point with your friends and family.

There are a number of different types of conversion – including dormers (front/side and rear), gable, mansard and roof light – and most types of houses are suitable. Whichever builder you choose, you should always do your homework – see if you can speak to any of their customers that has had a conversion done, whatever you do never make any advance payments, get a contract between yourselves and a schedule of works, that way you are both covered.

While you are having your conversion done, you can always make a contribution to the environment, as well, by having solar panels and solar water heating. It does not have to cost the earth either, as you can already get Government-backed incentives for having solar panels and solar water heating is soon to follow suit. So do not delay, have yourself a loft conversion today.