London mayor candidate proposes the fixing of house prices in the capital

The race to become the mayor of London is continuing and the only independent candidate, Siobhan Benita, has recently put forward the idea of fixing house prices so that buying a house in the capital remains a real possibility for Londoners.

This announcement was made at the manifesto lunch held by the candidate which shows that she is currently in fifth place to become the new mayor. She is currently tied with the Green party candidate with about two percent of the votes.

Benita has stated that if she becomes the new Mayor of London, she is going to create a secondary housing market which is going to sell houses that are a fixed-price so that people are able to get on the housing ladder, something that is not currently possible for most people.

The homes are going to be part of a specific system and there is going to be a lottery to decide who gets the option of buying the property. The prices of the property will increase every year but this level of increase will be decided by the mayor, rather than the market. This means that those who buy the property cannot sell it at the market rate later, but will only get an increase in value which has been set by the government. This is likely to stop people abusing the system.

It is estimated by the candidate that if she were elected, by the end of her first time, she

would have been able to bring 80,000 homes onto the markets that were set at a fixed price. She also intends to reinstate a scheme to make houses more affordable, that was recently scrapped by the current mayor, Boris Johnson. Many of her other plans revolve around providing housing for homeless people in the city.