Making the most of your bathroom

If you are moving house they say there are two key areas that will attract buyers and thus help you make that sale that much quicker; the kitchen and the bathroom. This is probably due to the fact that with the other rooms in the house a quick rearrangement of the furniture and a lick of paint revamps them completely, whereas the fixtures in a kitchen and bathroom can be both costly and problematic to move, so they must be spot on.

UK bathrooms aren’t renowned for their size, and as many are also somewhat of a strange  place, lighting, décor and placement of the fixtures and fittings are vital. The cost involved with revamping a bathroom can be very steep, so if your bathroom isn’t up to scratch, you should be prepared for offers coming in that are below your asking price, the same goes for your kitchen.

So what constitutes the perfect bathroom? To start with it must be in keeping with the rest of the house. If you have a period property that is decorated and furnished accordingly, a modern, contemporary bathroom will stick out like a proverbial sore thumb. Likewise if you have a modern home and a bathroom with period fixtures and fittings.

Remember that the majority of you viewings will be from people looking for one or the other, and they will have picked up on keywords in the estate agents description. If you have a modern bathroom and have the space, a separate shower cubicle will always be preferable than one over the bath. If room permits this however, one over the bath should be installed with screens that reflect the overall décor.

A few pieces of bathroom furniture also add a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room that is traditionally quite clinical and is one we visit out of necessity rather than choice. Fresh towels and a few knick knacks here and there will also make it welcoming, as you want the wow factor when a viewer enters. Don’t have a pile of toilet rolls in the corner or an overflowing bin either, little things draw the eyes and spoil the effect completely.

If you don’t have the money to do your bathroom up for a sale, ensure that is pristine and all the grouting and the tiles are gleaming. It is easy to ensure that you have the kind of bathroom that will help to secure a sale, so take a bit of time over what is, after all, a small but very important room.


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