Manchester has some of the unhappiest people in the country

A recent survey has shown that the people of Manchester are some of the unhappiest in the country. The survey has been conducted by Shelter and Places for People and looked at some of the most important factors that affect the happiness of people who live in cities.

The other end of the results saw Bristol and Leeds take the highest positions as they rated the quality of their home, the cost of rent or mortgage, and the safety of the neighbourhood all as excellent. This survey is another piece of evidence that highlights how important having a good housing arrangement is to a persons overall happiness.

One of the most interesting results of the study was that people who were in council homes were happier than those in private accommodation. This is probably largely due to their being stricter controls over the council than private landlords. Unsurprisingly, having good outdoor spaces was one of the most important factors that people rated as making them happy.

Life in the city will be about balancing the good against the bad. Finding a place that is safe is probably in the forefront of most peoples minds and checking out will give you information about crime statistics in your area. Other important factors that people rated as affecting their happiness the most were: how much repair needed to be made to the home, how easy it is to undertake home improvements and whether the house was big enough for them to be comfortable.