More London households than any other face eviction

A leading charity has warned that there are more households than ever in the capital who are facing the fear of eviction due to rising rent and mortgage arrears. The top 15 ‘eviction zones’ in England have just been announced, and they are all boroughs of London. According to Shelter, the national homeless charity, in the 12 months that ended in September 2012, 198,470 households were threatened with eviction.

Rents are at an all time high in the capital, and are still rising, and with the cost of getting on the property ladder here combined with the lowest number of houses being built since

the war, there is a real crisis on building between those desperate for housing and those who can’t afford to stay where they are. Throw a prolonged economic downturn in the mix and you have hundreds falling further and further behind with their payments.

The majority of the aforementioned eviction notices were served on behalf of private landlords struggling to pay the mortgages on the houses in light of the escalating rent arrears from their tenants. The first step of the eviction process is the possession claim served by the lender or landlord, while not all claims result in an eviction around 25% do.

The chief executive of Shelter is Campbell Robb, and he has said that it is shocking how many people are living under the threat of eviction and in some areas the risk of this is so high that at least one household in every street are living with the very threat of becoming homeless.