More people than ever are concreting over front gardens to use for car parking

Recent research that has been completed by the RAC Foundation has shown that around 80 percent of the houses that are constructed in the UK were built with a garden plot in front of the house. Today however, around 30 percent of these original plots have been concreted over in order to make space for cars. This has meant that the amount of green space in the UK has been significantly reduced, and the study estimates that the total area would span around 70 Olympic Parks.

The study highlighted the houses built between 1920 and the mid-1960s were most likely to have a garden on the front. Therefore it is these properties that have later been changed the most. The authors of the report say that the main reason for these green spaces being concreted over is the lack of extra parking to match the immense increase in the number of cars owned in the country.

In 1950, the number of cars in the country was around 2 million, but today there are nearly 30 million cars on the road. This figure shows no sign of slowing down and every year the number of cars increases, as more people populate the country.

The study also highlighted that the transforming of these green spaces to concreted slabs, is not uncommon for properties with garages. People are now using garages to store other things, and having to use the space in front of their house to store a car.