New companies make moving house a much quicker process

For those who want to move quickly, a new company is promising its clients that they will purchase any home for as much as 90% of its value and have the cash in the pocket of the owner in just a few weeks. Those who need sell their home quickly and want to move fast will want to take a look at the many different quick sale property firms that are out there such as, and

They can sound really great because they offer cash to property owners that need it, but in reality usually the seller loses thousands of pounds. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that there is no regulation in place to protect quick sale customers making them the next victims of the horrible housing market.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) member Peter Bolton King stated that homeowners that want to make a quick sale are usually vulnerable and become targets for the quick sale websites, but homeowners need to know that they will probably not get a fair value or what a RICS member would appraise their home for.

While most of the websites claim that they will only knock 10% of the market value of a home in exchange for the cash, most of the time the figure is going to end up to be much higher. The one advantage that using a quick sale service offers is the fact that there are no estate agent, legal, or valuation fees to pay.

In addition, services such as will help anyone that is in arrears by purchasing the property to stop a repossession from actually going through and hurting your credit history. For those who are facing foreclosure this may be the best approach.