Nicholas Boles has to answer for statements made on Newsnight

Nicholas Boles has spoken in front of a committee which asked him several questions regarding his recent statements on BBC Newsnight. Earlier this month Boles stated that the housing problem in the country can easily be solved by building properties on 2-3% of England’s land.

Boles added that currently the country’s residential areas are underdeveloped and building houses on a land that isn’t important for anyone can be a convenient way to resolve the recent housing problems. Conservative MP John Stevenson is the person who summoned Boles to speak in front of the Communities and Local Government Committee. The goal of this hearing was to provide Boles with an opportunity to support his arguments with facts and evidence.

Boles continued by saying that his speech on BBC Newsnight and many of the things he said before were attempts to draw attention to him and his ideas. In his opinion, the Government doesn’t have to do much in order to resolve the housing problems in the area. He added that even one of the most developed regions of England, the south-eastern one, is still not as developed as it should be.

He stated: “There are many small settlements situated in the countryside. Most of them are located near main roads, so it will be easy to get rid of empty holes and unfinished structures that nobody needs. The freed land can be replaced by new and modernized properties which will then be put on the market.

Boles, was openly criticised by members of the committee who accused him of presenting false information on BBC Newsnight. Boles research showed that only 8.9% of England was developed and 91% of the country was still countryside.