Property is still a plausible investment

For decades, many financial advisors have always stated that the safest investment on the market is property, because when you invest in property you own something solid and physical that can actually be seen.

It is true that today you can still see a physical investment if you choose to invest in the property market, but with the hike in interest rates and the fall in average house prices as well as commercial prices it is easy to see why many people are concerned that property may not be a wise investment for the future.

Short term at least, it may be true that property is not the best investment, especially with the higher interest rates and continual decline in overall property values. However, in the long term even with an increase in interest and a slight decrease in value property is still a sound investment as it is one of the only remaining investments that remain static.

In other words, you may not stand to gain as much in property as you once did, but you still stand to gain a reasonable amount making it the safe bet for those who do not like risky investments that may or may not pay off in the end.

Property can also be a gold mine if used for rental purposes, as the rental market within the UK is currently taking off with many buy to let properties available at great rates. In fact, the buy to let market is the only part of the property market that is still booming, and with the UK quickly becoming a nation of renters, it stands to reason that investors that jump in now and purchase property are going to see their return pay-off in just a few years.