Reduce The Stress of Moving Home

According to researchers, the anxiety of moving home is very similar to bereavement or divorce. You must find the time to view houses, prepare your home, and feel confident enough to show it to potential buyers, plus the actual moving itself can build inevitable tension.

Buying A Home

To reduce the overall stress of moving home, you must consider if you want to buy a newly built house. While an older house may have the character you desire, the risk of high maintenance costs could create more and more anxiety, and this is something you should not have to handle, especially since moving home is expensive enough. Look online beforehand. There are often virtual tours of homes available, which save the time of visiting the properties that do not capture your excitement. Now you will have the time to make a list of the properties you want to personally view. Write down a list of questions or concerns to ask the estate agent, if any.

Selling A Home

Inviting strangers into your home can create stress, as they are judging the overall look and feel of the property. It is important to make the house look as pristine as possible. Wash clothes and put them away, dust the house, clean the bathroom, and tidy the kitchen. Make some fresh coffee, which will arouse their interest and make it seem more homely. Fresh bread is also a fabulous scent with the potency to sell a home. Estate agents can show potential buyers around your home if you feel it reduces your tension, or because you do not have the available time because of work and other commitments.

Packing To Move Home

Try to obtain as many sturdy boxes as you can. Flat packed boxes are not often as strong as supermarket boxes. If you decide against hiring a van to move your belongings, the professional moving company you choose may be able to provide large plastic boxes, but this may entail an additional charge which you will have to discuss with the firm beforehand. It is always useful to buy 3 to 4 rolls of bubble wrap to protect your delicate items. Newspaper is also good to stuff into cups and around crockery. Do not leave the packing until the last minute. Wrap up and pack items that you do not need on a daily basis, and do not forget that dual-purpose items including duvet cover, blankets and pillows can be used to wrap delicate items in. Buy a pack of coloured post its and label the boxes so you know exactly where the items will be placed in your new home. This will take the stress off your shoulders. Pack the heavier items in a smaller box so they are easier to lift.

Hire Professionals

Moving home can help you to get rid of old junk you no longer need. You could hold a garage sale to make some extra cash to fund the move, or give the items to friends and/or family. You may already have decided whether you are hiring a professional company to move your furniture and possessions, or you could move the items yourself by hiring a van for several days. However, this may entail several journeys dependent on the size of the van, and the amount of furniture and boxes. There are many professional moving services vying for your attention, and each is likely to offer a competitive price. If you choose this option, make the booking several weeks before you are due to move.

The stress of moving home can be avoided by making plans several weeks or months in advance. Deciding whether to hire a van or use a professional firm is one of the most important, and you can always use the expertise of an estate agent to sell your home and ease the stress.