Rental yields across the UK revealed by new table

A table has recently been released which shows the rental yields on average for the country for the first part of 2012. It has shown that those landlords in the north-western part of the country are in top position and have achieved the highest amount of average rental yields.

This research is being conducted by Paragon Mortgages, a lender that specialises in the buy to let field. This research has shown that there has been a significant shift in regional lending taken out by landlords. In the first part of the year in the north-west the average yield was over six percent, which is a significant increase on the same figures seen for the final part of 2011.

This part of the country that is particularly successful, and landlords across the North of England have had a greater yield than in other places. The yield refers to the amount of income that has been brought in by a property in relation to the value of the property itself. This is an important factor that many buy to let landlords consider when they are first going to purchase a property.

Working with Paragon Mortgages, BDRC Continental conducted a survey which involved over 500 landlords. The survey showed that those who have a mortgage from Paragon generally received a higher yield than the market average, with an impressive yield of over seven percent being shown.

Paragon Mortgages director, John Heron has stated, “This is a great indication of how well portfolios of properties in the North are performing. It is interesting to see such a shift in direction after such a strong divide between the north and south of the country in the past. The demand is certainly fluctuating, so it is likely that we will see significant movement in the table in the near future.”