Rightmove says good house sale news is on the way

House sellers are attempting to get the highest prices they can during the month of April as they have already made plans for higher asking prices. Rightmove, the property website, explained that this is a clear sign that the market is slowly starting to recover.

The large gap between the amount that sellers are asking for and the actual selling prices that are being accepted is finally starting to shrink showing that sellers are finding themselves able to negotiate less and buyers are now willing to pay a bit more for properties then they were in the past.

Asking prices increased by about 2.1% month by month and now total up to £245,000 on average which is the highest figure for April seen in years and only about £1,500 under the all time high that was set back in June of 2012.

Rightmove has kept property records for over a decade and stated that next month may even reach a new price high as more property owners are becoming confident in the housing market. In addition, the shortage of properties available for purchase is going to place upward pressure on prices.

Across Wales and England, London is the only place where housing prices actually went down during the month of April with an overall decrease of about .5% reported although the overall average of £494,000 is still about 6.2% higher then what was being asked just a year ago.

The largest month on month price jump occurred in East Anglia where a total 4.4% increase was seen allowing the typical asking prices to jump up to £224,600.

Director of Rightmove, Miles Shipside, stated now that London prices are pausing slightly it is very likely that May is going to be even better with new higher asking price records yet to be set.