Roof gardening a bit of the country in the city

Roof gardening is by no means a new concept. As a matter of fact the idea is centuries old and if you live within an urban area your aspirations of having your garden may be difficult to accomplish. But with a roof garden you may just be able to succeed.

Many communities are trying to encourage their residents to install a roof garden. The psychological and environmental benefits are too numerous to mention. Gardening is not only a relaxing and calming activity it can reduce those stress related sicknesses and benefits the environment immensely.

Storm runoff water is decreased by building a garden for your apartment or home. You also reduce your fire risks, helps to decrease cooling and heating costs and protect the roof from the harsh ultra violet light and in the winter from the frosts. Generally speaking there are a total of three types of gardens for the roof. All three are directly related to the amount of upkeep that is required, the plants they will support and the soil depth.

Extensive living roofs are easily maintained and have very little soil. They are lightweight and can also be used as sheds, small extensions and garages. Suitable plants for this garden found on cliffs and other places where there is harsh environment. They are the easiest garden as far as maintenance but are the least appealing visually.

The semi extensive living garden is the roof garden that is more decorative with deeper soil that is able to support more plants. But that additional soil makes the roof much heavier therefore you need a sound structure beneath them to support it. They end up combining the qualities of the extensive living roofs with more of an eye appealing look.

Then there are the Intensive living roofs. They require strong and large support structures since they are a full fledged garden. One consideration when you are in the planning stages of a roof garden is the actual roof.

Flat roofs are the best for roof gardens but you can also put them on domed roofs, barreled roofed and green pitched. There needs to be easy access to the roof. If you had to take a ladder out each time to reach you garden it may not be fun after a while. The roof needs to support heavy loads with wet soil weighing in at about 80 pounds per square foot.