Selling a house as autumn approaches

Estate agents regularly remind residential house sellers of the importance of keeping the house in good order during the selling period. This is all well and good and their advice doesn’t only count during the spring and summer months. It is during this time that the house naturally looks at its best with sunshine bathing the house in warmth and the garden flowers are at their best.

It is an entirely different situation in autumn and winter. The days are gloomy, the skies are dark and the garden is at its very worst. The house will not look all that inviting with the muddy foot paths and continual rain. Nevertheless the prospective buyer, while not expecting miracles, will expect to see the house in the best condition given the situation.

Removing all rubbish which is lying around, raking up any fallen leaves and any other garden debris and ensuring that all garden implements and tools have been put away in the proper place will keep the house ready for viewing. The garden hose should not be left lying across the lawn but should rather be rolled up and returned to the shed. A touch up may be required to some areas after the summer painting.

A set of wind chimes will do wonders for the front of the house and a bright happy looking bird feeder in the garden will divert the buyer’s attention away from the drab looking surroundings. The bird feeder will attract birds which will brighten up the buyer’s outlook. To welcome the guests or prospective buyers arrange a set of pot plants near the front door containing bright flowers. This will act as an attractive focal point.

Despite the cold and unpleasantness of winter a garden can be improved by planting evergreen shrubs and trees. Late winter is the best time to plant these evergreens as they will need plenty of water in the first few months. Most evergreens are hardy and the local garden nursery will assist in the best choice of plant for the garden.

Another way of improving the overall effect is to place white lights or strip lighting around the edges of the house and depending on the season, Christmas lighting will add to the welcoming effect. Lights along the path edge will help especially in the dark winter days.

Any ice or snow should naturally be cleared away from the path and the front door. Electrically heated mats are available and these are a great help in keeping the snow and ice clear. They also make it safe for the buyer to gain entry into the house. Attention to these aspects will help towards a successful sale.