Spruce up your kitchen and sell your home

When it comes to selling a property, most people make an effort to tidy the place up a bit before showing people around, understanding the benefit of a good first impression. However, new research shows just how important it is to have your house looking spic and span.

A survey by ING Direct reveals that four in ten potential buyers would be put off by a messy bedroom, while six in ten are dissuaded from submitting an offer by a grubby kitchen. Even those who are not completely put off would use these faults as an excuse to negotiate a lower price, knocking around £8,000 off the property value.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, which is why it holds so much value with potential buyers. A kitchen which looks good and needs little work is a major attraction, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a seller has to invest in a cutting-edge new kitchen; a budget fix-up can have a significant impact.

New tiling is one way to add a new lease of life to an old kitchen. There a range of options available at affordable prices from the likes of Topps Tiles, and completing the work yourself isn’t that difficult. Stay away from colour choices that are a bit too personal, however. It is important to remember that these new tiles need to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, so stick to neutral colours, or soft blues and greens.

If your units are looking a bit tired, you may need to replace these too. However, think about ways in which you can give your existing cupboards and cabinets a new lease, either by stripping back the wood finish or adding a fresh lick of paint.

Buyers also want to be able to see how they can utilise the kitchen in their own way, so it is important to strike a balance between making the area look homely and having too much clutter on display.