St Austell holiday homes experiencing sales boom

It seems that holiday homes near St Austell in Cornwall are selling well despite the property market in the UK being in a rather poor state.

In the last nine weeks, 10 reservations on properties in the Woodland Homes development which is located nearby St Austell were made.

These reservations took place late last year, and it seems that this year the holiday homes are going to be just as successful. In January alone a further four reservations on properties were made.

The area is proving very popular with both people from the UK and those from abroad. The development was launched around the same time as many people were stranded in the UK after flights were cancelled, due to the ash cloud in 2010. This meant that many people remained in the country and they decided to visit Cornwall instead of their holiday destination abroad.

Many people enjoyed the time so much that they have returned several times and many are now looking at buying properties in the development. The development has also proved to be successful with tourists coming from elsewhere in Europe.

There are many different types of property available in the area, from traditional homes to more contemporary properties. There are also many bars in the area as well as excellent restaurants, which offer visitors fine dining opportunities. There is also a spa nearby which offers treatments and various types of aromatherapy. It also has a beautiful indoor swimming pool which looks out over a very attractive garden.

Those who are coming on holiday and intend to self-cater have plenty of options. There are numerous self-catering homes with plenty of space inside. Many of these properties are designed in the Scandinavian style and they can also utilise the facilities of the hotel which is located very nearby.

The self-catering properties make use of natural light and also enjoy large living areas and impressive balconies. The properties are generally open plan and there are several bedrooms spread over two floors. The Scandinavian style of the homes means they blend into their Woodland atmosphere perfectly and are very attractive.

Cornwall has been an area that has been suffering particularly badly from a decline in property prices. Since 2007, properties in the area have fallen by around 13 percent and this development is quite a brave move. This is especially so because properties away from the coast have been particularly badly affected by the drop in prices.

Richard Speedy who works at Knight Frank has commented, “Most people who are buying properties in this development are not locals and they are looking at changing their lifestyles. Coastal properties are still remaining popular simply because the supply in these areas is still very low.

“The number of people purchasing second homes in the region has declined, which is quite understandable when you consider the state of the economy. There is some movement however and people are still buying property here.”

Many people are speculating that the reason the Woodland Homes development is so popular is because people are not so keen on buying entirely private properties. A private property means there are many security concerns and issues about taking care of the home. By buying a home in this development, the property is taking care of for you and security is not an issue.

There are two main reasons why people are buying property in the area, some are choosing to buy the property entirely for themselves, while others are buying the property with the intent of letting it out. There are schemes in place which guarantee how much owners can expect to get in return.