Tandridge is now the least affordable place to live in the UK

According to the latest survey by the Halifax, the least affordable place to live in the whole of Britain in Tandridge. The average price of a house in the area is £661,064 but the average wage is a mere £27,000. When comparing house prices against income, the Halifax has decreed that Tandridge is the worst place to live economy wise. It is in good company, however, as in 2012 only one in seventeen rural districts were deemed to be affordable to live in.

An ex estate agent, who takes a keen interest in the UK property market but chose to remain anonymous, said that if people have their heart set on buying a house in certain regions of the country then they should look at surrounding areas as prices can vary greatly. He said that places such as Oxted are more expensive to live in that nearby Dormansland and Lingfield.

He added that these were still very attractive places to live and he believes that Tandridge is so unaffordable for many these days is that is has such excellent transport links into London and everywhere else.

The survey also revealed that over the last 5 years, the average price of a house in the country has actually fallen by 20%, compared with the drop of 22% that occurred in urban areas. A spokesman from the Halifax said that everyone loved the country, and as more people chose to live there the prices of property were invariably being pushed up.

He went onto say that when you look at Tandridge, as a whole area, there are some areas that carry very high prices, such as Oxted, where houses can easily cost over £1m, yet Dormansland and Lingfield are exceptions to the rule and the average house prices here bring down the overall prices for the area. It is likely that if Tandridge was in West Sussex rather than Surrey it would be even more unaffordable.