The importance of carpet underlay

When redoing a room the thought of carpet underlay seems like just an unnecessary costly expense. Most really believe it does not matter all that much. Most are wrong. The correct padding for underneath the carpet will make a difference from a room that is mediocre and uncomfortable to one that is beautiful, comfortable and will last for years.

The advantage that is noticed by all at first is the cushiness felt while on the carpet in bare feet since there is noting like walking into a room and feeling the softness under ones feet. This makes it hard not to lounge on and for kids not to enjoy to play on.

Another big advantage to underlay cushion is that it will help keep the floors warmer in the cold winters. If you have the correct thickness and density the heat can penetrate and if you have radiant heat and if your heat comes through baseboard heating, then it will insulate and not let the heat out. A good, quality carpet padding can ensure all will have warm feet no matter how cold it gets outside.

Another great reason to have carpet underlay especially for the upper floors of the house, is the acoustical insulation it will give you. The padding, providing it is of good quality, will help reduce the noise leaks that escape from one floor to the next. What is good is that the amount of thickness can be adjusted to the amount of noise each room may have. A teenager and their music may emit much more than a grandmother watching television.

Of course also remember that the underlay is not a luxury but many times a necessity. To begin with it helps to maintain the carpeting in the room for many years. It helps to even out the flooring in case the home is older and the floors are no longer level.

Since the carpet will have a cushion factor underneath, then it will wear out much slower than just being placed on hard floors. Do not skimp on the padding since in the long run it will be more expensive.