The Shard to sell ten apartments this summer

The Shard is the latest skyscraper in London and this summer ten apartments which are located in the building are going to be sold. They are going to be the highest apartments in the UK and because of their very high retail price, it is going to create the most unequal amounts of house prices in the neighbourhood in the whole of the country.

The apartments are located over 13 floors in the building which is over 1000 feet tall. The exact retail price of the flats is not yet known but it is expected they are going to sell for between £30 and £50 million. It is expected that several international buyers are going to be interested in the property including people from Hong Kong, Russia and the Middle East. The price of these apartments is only matched by similar upmarket property in Knightsbridge.

The Shard is a development worth £1 billion and the interior of the properties have been decorated by Candy and Candy. The retail price of the home’s works out at about £5000 per square foot, which is significantly more expensive than the £500 per square foot which can be found in building surrounding the shard.

The area where the shard has been reconstructed was once a slum, and it is still not the smartest area of London, but recent redevelopment efforts have meant it has become much more upmarket than it was in the past. The construction of the shard is something that has been met with some controversy, some people argue that it damages the enjoyment of people’s view of the Tower of London, which is a World Heritage Site as designated by UNESCO. People of also complains that it dwarfs another famous attraction on the riverfront, St Pauls Cathedral.

The extreme price difference between property in the Shard, and property in the surrounding area, has also caused people to comment about the extreme house price divide in London and how more foreign billionaires are being attracted to the city which can damage social mobility. Economists have said that the shard encourages an uneven distribution of wealth in the capital city and have highlighted that London has a more uneven distribution of wealth compared to countries such as Brazil or Nigeria.