The South is a much happier rural place to live

New research from the Halifax has suggested that those who live in the rural areas of Southern England have better quality of life than those in the North. A list of the top 50 rural locations has been put together, based on the quality of life in these areas. 2/3 of the 50 are in the South, and all of the top 10 are.

The top 50 was compiled by comparing health and life expectancy, earnings level, rates of employment, school examination results and the climate. The results were that the rural areas of South Cambridgeshire offered the highest quality of life, 95% of residents declared that they were in good health and the average wages of the 79% which were employed was £739 a week. The area also benefits from less than average rainfall.

The rest of the top 5 were East Hertfordshire, Uttlesford In Essex, Aylesbury Vale and finally Waverley in Surrey. The East Midlands were well represented with 9 rural local authorities making the list. It was a better showing than the West Midlands who had only 3, still better than the North and Yorkshire who only had 2 a piece. The North East, North West. Wales and Scotland were significantly absent from the list altogether.

The figures revealed that while the Northern regions got high ratings for school passes and low pollution, they lost out on rates of employment, average wages and health. They also have a less appealing climate than their Southern compatriots.